What are Incredible Creatures?

We are all incredible creatures!

Based on Dr. John Trent’s four animal characters of behaviour styles (Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever and Beaver), Incredible Creatures is an interactive adventure that helps families and groups determine their behavioural styles and individual God-given strengths through stories and games, and teaches them how to communicate better with each other by practising cooperation, consideration and respect for each other’s strengths.

The adventure can be enjoyed by adults and children (over the age of five) and the outcomes lead to significant understanding and insight into the participants.

Children learn that, although they may approach the world in different ways, they aren't wrong. Each approach has its own value and understanding that simple premise can dramatically change how they interact with siblings, peers and parents. The adventure provides a language to describe their feelings and perceptions of the world.

Adults can learn the same lessons!

Parents understand the ways their children are like them, and how they differ. The adventure provides a framework to improve harmony in the home, boost academic performance, and decrease sibling conflict

Co-workers can better understand how their colleagues react to new and challenging situations and use that understanding to improve outcomes, team cohesion and trust.

Choose your adventure today!