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Camp adventure kit

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New! Read the review of the Incredible Creatures kits in The Old Schoolhouse Family Education Magazine!

Your camp ministry to children will be enhanced and enriched by knowing more about the priceless imprint God has put upon their lives as they discover their God-given strengths and the value this brings to their relationships.

Through their interactive adventure, the children will learn how to live with their strengths and recognize and understand the strengths of others using the personality profiles of the four Incredible Creatures animals – the lion, otter, golden retriever and beaver. They will also learn to improve their communication with each other and practice cooperation, consideration and respect for each other’s strengths.

​The Camp Group Kit contains:

  • 5 days of chapel times and cabin times
  • A scavenger hunt
  • Material for 50 campers
  • A detailed facilitator guide

Using this curriculum is an inexpensive option and something your staff can easily facilitate. Participants in the adventure should be at least five years of age.